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Unlock the value in
your untapped goods

Debrand helps apparel, footwear and accessories brands extend the life of their products—and the precious resources used to make them—as many times and ways as possible.

Our world has a waste problem

We’re tackling it head on.

Since 2008, Debrand has been dedicated to keeping apparel and footwear out of international landfills. By combining our tech-enabled sortation system with human-powered accuracy, we help one of the most planet-damaging industries course correct. 

We’ll show you every option to get surplus inventory off your hands and onto its next life, then select and implement the most mutually-beneficial path for you and Earth.

What we offer

From consolidation to circulation—we take care of every step to give your goods a new lease on life.

How we add value

Based on your business requirements, sustainability goals, and product specifications, we recommend the best next-life solution for your goods through our trusted network of solution partners across resale, donation, recycling, repair and responsible disposal.

The Loop

From emerging technologies and fruitful partnerships to circular design—learn about the impact of next-life logistics on our journal, The Loop.

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sustainability vs circularity

Sustainability vs. Circularity: What’s the Difference?  

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they’re not the same. Let’s dive into their distinctions and how they work together to elevate sustainability practices.

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Sustainability vs. Circularity: What’s the Difference?  

Eastman collaborates with Debrand to recycle apparel waste from top brands

[KINGSPORT, Tennessee] Eastman, a specialty materials company and producer of Naia™ cellulosic fibers, has formed a strategic collaboration with Debrand, a prominent, next-life logistics company specializing in finding sustainable solutions to apparel waste for some of the world’s top apparel and footwear brands. 

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Eastman collaborates with Debrand to recycle apparel waste from top brands

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