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2024 Textile Sustainability Conferences

Collaboration is essential to a circular, greener future. 2024 has a range of notable sustainability events worth attending. Moreover, these events are an opportunity for industry professionals to come together to discuss the progress we’ve made so far, and what more is needed to continue tackling the ever-evolving topic of sustainability. We selected conferences that focus on or have dedicated sessions relating to textile sustainability and circularity in 2024. You’ll want to add these to your calendar:

January 9-12, Heimtextil, Frankfurt, GER

This conference is full of textile innovations in the home textiles industry, trends, sustainable impulses, material innovations, talk and tour events and a variety of unique opportunities for your business success.

January 22-24, TexWorld, New York, NY

This leading sourcing event provides exclusive trend forecasts and educational seminars. Catering to apparel fabric buyers, researchers, designers, and overseas sourcing professionals, Texworld boasts an extensive product range, featuring everything from casual cotton to functional fabrics, sophisticated knits, and intricate laces. 

February 12-14, GreenBiz ’24, Phoenix, AZ

A conference for sustainable business leaders seeking tangible solutions in 2024. Join this growing community to learn what’s next in decarbonization, biodiversity, supply chains, strategic communications and much more.

February 28-March 1, LA Textile, Los Angeles, CA 

A carefully curated event featuring premium exhibitors and focus pavilions from around the world, sustainability and trend partners, industry experts presenting 3 days of LA Textile Talks, as well as creative installations designed to provide direction, inspiration, and a memorable experience.

April 17-19, 2024 Sustainable Fashion Forum, Austin, TX

Bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and advocates to have honest conversations around topics at the intersection of fashion, sustainability, business, and ethics. Delve into innovative materials, trailblazing technologies, forward-thinking business models, and disruptive ideas.

​​April 22-26, EarthX2024, Dallas, TX

A conference for environmentalists, conservationists, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, advocates, and political leaders engaged in the environmental space today. Those who attend come from a wide range of disciplines, interests, and perspectives and represent a broad spectrum of initiatives and efforts around the globe.

April 23-24, Sustainable Apparel & Textiles Conference, Amsterdam, NDL

This conference addresses how brands must align and adapt practices to respond to incoming legislation and growing stakeholder expectations. It equips delegates with the best practices and guidance to develop net-zero strategies, transform supply chains, engage consumers, scale circularity, and drive positive social impacts. Additionally, the event covers topics such as responsible sourcing, climate action, factory engagement, circularity, sustainable design, and building consumer trust.

April 30-May 1, Innovation Zero, London, UK

This conference runs across 14 dedicated forums, with each covering areas of interest including: scaling clean technology, policy, investment, circularity, decarbonisation, infrastructure, and supply chain. By building and connecting a global network of innovators, funders, policymakers and non-state actors, they give a platform to leaders who inspire change.

May 5-7, NAUMD 2024, Daytona Beach, FL

An event for uniform, image apparel, and public safety equipment suppliers and retailers with sessions dedicated to sustainability.

May 21-23, Global Fashion Summit, Copenhagen, DEN

An event tailored to a decision-making profile, the programme supports a range of brand functions with a focus on top management. Moreover, all content is carefully curated to equip not only sustainability specialists but creatives, marketers, sourcing experts, manufacturers, policy makers and more, to ultimately remove silos and foster collaborative action. 

May 22-24, Circularity 24, Chicago, IL 

Offers thought-provoking keynotes, actionable breakouts, and a solutions-oriented expo revolving around circularity. It will cover topics like business innovation and strategy, supply chain transformation, stakeholders and social impact.

June 12-13, The Future of Climate Action: How to tackle Scope 3 GHGs, Amsterdam, NDL

This conference will bring together a global audience of cross-industry experts to ensure a platform for genuine debate, discussion and progress. The focus throughout will remain on the practical steps businesses can take to engage key actors, decarbonise supply chains and achieve net zero.

June 25-26, Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference USA, New York, NY

This conference focuses on how brands can meet ambitious commitments and rising stakeholder expectations by providing guidance on developing net-zero strategies, transforming supply chains, managing consumer communications, scaling circularity, reducing waste, and driving positive social impacts. Topics include climate action, circular systems, factory engagement and manufacturing, and addressing challenges in ensuring an ethical supply chain and positive impact for workers.

October 28-November 1, 2024 Textile Exchange, Pasadena, CA

Bringing together leaders and experts from across the fashion, textile, and apparel industry, providing a space to collaboratively explore challenges and solutions to overcome the climate crisis.